Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crotch - Why Oh Y For Fork's Sake?

A lifeguard's crotch in red shorts
A photo of me at the beach. I've edited out my face to protect my identity. And credited the photo to someone else. But it's definitely me.
(photo by Hotlanta Voyeur)


Noun. Mid-16th century.
[Perhaps ultimately related to Old French croche crosier, CROOK noun, but partly variant of CRUTCH noun.]

1 obsolete. A fork used in agriculture or in the garden. M-L16

2 obsolete. = CRUTCH noun. M-L16

3 A support in the form of a stake or rod with a forked end. L16

4 A fork of a tree or bough. L16

5 The place where the legs join the trunk (of the human body or a garment). L16

6 A fork of a river or road. Chiefly US. L17

7 Nautical. = CRUTCH noun. M18

Crotch is an inherently ugly word, a bit like groin and moist. However, crotch really just means something Y-shaped or forked.

That's a bit better now, isn't it? Now we can all use crotch without grimacing, right? Yeah. Maybe not.

Y-fronts - that's another ugly word ... 

A road name sign for 'Crotch Crescent'
Would you, could you, should you live on a road called this?
Leave a comment before you split and we'll disgusset.


  1. In Dutch it's "kruis" (cross). I don't exactly know where the fourth arm is on the... oh, nevermind.

  2. I nearly did live in that very road. 'Nuf said...

    1. It's just off Groin Grove, isn't it? At the end of Armpit Avenue near Cavity Close.

    2. No, but the house did have the benefit of a back passage and I found a few stools in the wee shed.
      Crotch Crescent is in Marston, not far from the JR with its world renowned colonic irrigation facility. One treatment, and you never need to go again.