Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cruciverbalist - An Enthusiast of Crosswords & Pretension


Noun. Late 20th century.
[from Latin crucis, crux cross + verbum word.]

An enthusiast for crossword puzzles;
a compiler or solver of crossword puzzles.

Cruciverbalist - a cool (if pretentious) word. If you want some crossword trivia, you might like to know that they're of relatively recent design, the British journalist Arthur Wynn usually credited with their invention in 1913 (although they've existed in elementary form since the 19th century). Anyway, whether you're a crucificionado of The New York Times' monster or The Sun's tea break quickie, here's a Lexicolatry-themed crossword for you to complete if you so desire (and do note how thoughtfully simple I've kept this post in order to facilitate easy printing of the page).

1 A medium-sized insectivore with a protruding nasal implement
6 Romanian currency (plural)
7 The 17th letter of the English alphabet
8 Black gold
10 Neanderthal speak, perhaps
12 This article just ain't definite
14 A balneomaniac binges on these
15 A snake fixation

1 Malay madness
2 Poe's corvid
3 A contrary greeting
4 I write [pertaining to] such-and-such ...
5 Thou shalt not do this
9 That's just what I was thinking!
11 Bitrex is added to the shower variety
12 Better take a brake from working on those, pretty boy
13 Talking about a snake again?

Do please verbalise your comments in the box below.
(and the answers too if you choose)


  1. I'm stuck on 15 across.

    1. 15A was my favourite clue, Dave. Kind of cryptic ... ooooooooooh! [ghostly voice]

  2. 15 across and 9 down are giving me a hard time. I'm tweeting you a picture.

    1. Very good, Evi! I should have made the clues harder with clever clogs like you on the prowl. You got all except 15A and 9D, and 13D was incorrect.

      (for 13D, Evi wrote "SSS" which, as she rightly pointed out, is snake talk - in fairness that's probably better than the real answer) : o )

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