Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Reflections on the Letter C

Only 23 Letters to Go

Cloistering cherubic Corinthians! If we haven't gone and cantered through C in a mere 247 posts! And what a journey it's been. As I look over all the words I've written about, I realise both how much I've learnt and how broad a range of topics Lexi is covering. For example:

Animals, animals, animals, including: capybarascats (and their caterwauling), caterpillars, crows and cuckoos (as well as some fascinating animal topics including the words carnivore, cetophilia, canophilist and cynanthropy).

Also, it seems that C has allowed me to captiously carp on about a number of my personal bugbears, including: cacoepy (bad pronunciation), cacography (bad handwriting) and catachresis (misuse of words), as well as cleft-cloying clichés like carpe diem. Raawgh!

And how much I've learnt! For example, I finally know what a calorie is (not that it's helping me lose any weight); I now know the difference between a capillary, a vein and an artery; I know why the Claddagh in Galway is so called; and I got all clever and educated about René Descartes with Cartesian, despite never having sat a philosophy class in my entire life. Oh, and I also learnt a tonne of stuff about cellulite and how undangerous it is. Hmm.

And, of course, Lexicolatry was not above delving into baser vocab, with posts on the words callipygian, carminativecleavage, cock, constipationcrap and crotch. And jolly fun they all were too.

As for my favourite words, the words I really fell in love with, the words that I will carry away with me from Lexi, these include: cabotin (a third rate actor), cacoethes scribendi (an irresistible urge to write), cavatina (a short, emotive instrumental, for which I wrote a piano piece), and cementitious (for which I wrote a poem about cement). And, with a wistful sigh, I fell in love with the beautiful but fatally misunderstood Cassandra ... 

Finally, I just loved the words for which everyone got involved, including the writing of clerihews and couplets. Thank you, everyone, for that! It was such good fun. And, yes, many of you nominated Lexicolatry in the Blog Awards Ireland - thank you so much for taking the time to do so!

Changes are Coming!

Yes, Lexi is changing (slightly). You may have already noticed that there is no word for today. Nope. Not one. For the first time since 27th November 2012, a day is passing without a new word from the hallowed pages of the OED. I'm a bit sad about this, but I've decided that when I post update reports, I won't put up a word for that day. But the really big change is ...

As we start D, I will now only be publishing posts on weekdays. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, I've noticed that Lexicolatry is most read during the week; in fact, my analysis of the data suggests that a lot of you are reading it during office hours (tut tut). Therefore, publishing on weekdays only would seem to be the most efficient schedule.

Secondly, virtually all of my online time is spent writing and researching for Lexi, which I love with a passion and would happily do all day, except that this leaves me no time for anything else, including promoting Lexicolatry and reading other blogs (believe it or not, but I often spend more time searching for suitable photographs for a post than I do writing it). Cutting back on the Saturday and Sunday posts will help me both promote the blog more, and spend more time on the posts that require a lot of research.

Finally, there's a couple of other projects I would like to give a bit more time to, including my other blog Multiple Stupidness, for which I would like to post at least monthly.

So that's it. I do hope you stay around to see what gems we unearth in the dark depths of dangerous D. As always, thank you all so much for your readership, contributions, comments and causerie. Cheers!

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PS: My post cetophilia was nominated in the Best Blog Post category in the Blog Awards Ireland. It's a public vote, and if you're feeling generous do pop along by clicking here and cast your vote for good ol' Lexicolatry. I'll be well chuffed. Cheers!

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  1. Nice one Ed. I did enjoy 'couplet' I must say, although it now seems I have a lexicolatry nemesis in the shape of a certain F.D.
    I've always wanted a nemesis.
    I think my favourite word in C was 'Celerity'. Not sure why. I just liked it.
    Keep up the good work (Monday to Friday, office hours only).

    1. Cheers, A.N.

      A nemesis is good; everyone should have a nemesis. I'm glad Lexicolatry has played a part in accommodating your desire for one.

    2. Yeah alright. I'll be A.N's nemesis. Do I have to do anything?

    3. Umm ... I suppose just be mildly antagonistic without contravening the (as yet unwritten) rules of commenting in Lexicolatry.

  2. I don't like changes. Not really. I don't think so... but I'm happy with the ones you're going after.

    Weekends for me are mainly disconnected. And since you're willing to enjoy other wwworlds, even if in the same world, I think it's just a bit self-serving to know that I won't have 3 words on Monday to check and enjoy.

    Words I really enjoyed:

    The twitter mentioned Crow and Cute. Crow because you asked to me reminded when we get to R to see the difference between Ravens and Crows. I like to have long term plans :)

    Really Had (Lots of) Fun with - Cuckoos, Clue - Theseus, Wool and that Cretan Bull, Clichés, Celts...

    Still give me the chills - Cryo. Clowns and Cetophilia...

    Loved discovering and reading about Connemara, Cladagh...

    Humbled by YOUR Cavatina - Short & Simple but only for The Talented. Music of, and for, Angels for me.

    Now laughing harder with the "sweetest Cul-de-Sac..." but, oh well, Chacun à son goût, right?

    I'll let you go to your things but let me express my appreciation for a very interesting Journey. No Couéism needed to convince me to come back over and over ;).

    Take Care, Eddie. And thank you for enjoying this so much and making it Contagious.

    Cheers (which was the word that presented me to you and Lexicolatry ;) You were discussing it on Twitter with Evi),


    1. Ah, and voted on the Cetophilia Post.

    2. Wow! You really are a dedicated Lexicolater, Teresa!

      And yes! I loved 'clue', as I had no clue as to its etymology, and yet it was all from a story I had known since childhood. Those bally Greeks! They're so damnably interesting!

  3. I liked "couplet". Because I won a t-shirt. And A.N won a t-shirt because of me.

  4. I enjoyed C and I can't wait for D! :)

  5. So now you're finished with the ABC. That's the whole alphabet right there, why bother with the other 23 letters?

    I'm all for free weekends. You need time to yourself! And don't forget about your family! And baby Lexi! I'm sure those free weekends won't be free for long :)