Thursday, 11 September 2014

Delectus personae - Personnel Choice

A cartoon of an interview
"If your application is successful, what qualities will you bring to Ed's poker group?"
(drawing by The Daily English Show)


Noun phrase. Mid-18th century.
[Latin, literally 'choice of a person'.]

LAW (now Historical). The right of each partner in a firm, party to a contract, etc.,
to choose or be satisfied with any person subsequently admitted to partnership.

Just once in my life, I want to slam my fists on the table and cry: "I invoke the right of delectus personae!"

Seriously, how cool would that be?

Very cool.


  1. Very cool. You'd be good at it because when asked "what?!" you'd know what to answer and explain.
    Just an advice: slamming the fists on the table might tame the effect a bit... you don't want that, do you?

    1. No! The slamming of the fists is what gives it punch: "Delectus personae! Raaawrgh!"

    2. Yes... in a Ogre ;)
      Smooth talking "Delectus personae" leaves no doubt to mom that her pretty boy isn't suitable to hang around you... in your crochet club or your knitting group ahahahah

  2. I invoke delectus personae against the Angry Nerd!

    1. Oh. Well where is he? He's supposed to be my nemesis.

    2. I've no idea. You could invoke delectus personae on your joint nemesiship.

    3. Nah. I've been storing this horse's head in my fridge for far too long to not get any use out of it.

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