Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Deltiology - Postcard Regard

A blank postcard
Nothing says "I was too tight to buy you a gift and too lazy to write you a proper letter" like a postcard
(image by Caspian Levers)


Noun. Mid-20th century.
[from Greek deltion, diminutive of deltos writing tablet + -OLOGY.]

The hobby of collecting postcards.

deltiologist noun a person who collects postcards M20

The closest I ever came to being a deltiologist was as a child on holiday in Majorca, when I used to try and casually sneak a glimpse at the postcards on display there. Because ... y'know ... Spanish postcards are different to British ones. Very different. In that there are boobs on them. Lots of boobs. Boobs coming out of your ears. And that's about as interesting as deltiology gets.

Are you a deltiologist?


Just ... why?


  1. They have postcards with *that* coming out of the ears?... mindless pagans those Spanish People (need to perpetuate the ancient ressentment and despise for our neighboor and failed conqueror :))

    I notice that people tend to collect less. When I was a child - Teresa pulling the "I could be your granny, you know?" card - collecting was a dream - stamps, postcards, even museum billets that someone would bring from distant places (same enthusiasm from the capital or China. It was a place you'd never been and might never be)... oh, and the joy to receive a letter or a postcard on the mail.

    I imagined the antecessors of your spanish postcards are those Victorian naughty postcards where you can have a glimpse of a tigh or a *that*... you're thinking with a 21st century mind. If a person doesn't want to surrender to the wwworld just think how charming is to see those places through your postcards' collection.

    I'm a convict non-collector but I understand collectors' mind...

    1. I don't think I've ever seriously collected anything.

      I collect interesting words, in a way. Does that count?

  2. I'm a deltiologist. Are you saying I'm boring?

  3. I have my Dad's postcard collection which comprises his Dad's as well. Postcards from the 1914-18 War; e.g. Zeppelins, early aircraft, warships, King George V, Crystal Palace, then to that famous year when I was born with my birthday cards when I was 1 then 2. Never knew he was a deltiologist until yesterday.