Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Determinism - No Chance

(photo by Daniel Dion)


Noun. Late 18th century.
[from DETERMINE + -ISM.]

1 The doctrine that human action is necessarily determined by
motives regarded as external forces acting on the will. L18

2 The doctrine that everything that happens is
determined by a necessary chain of causation. L18

I'd like to thank you for visiting Lexicolatry today; except there's no point; according to the theory of determinism, you were always bound to visit Lexicolatry. Somewhere, back in the ether of time, a causative process was started, a process that would lead unstoppably, irredeemably, irrevocably to you reading this page. According to some determinists, therefore, you cannot be held accountable for anything you do. Wow. That really is something. Oh to hell with it! I'm gonna say it anyway: thank you!

It's already been determined whether or not you're interested in a related post on biologism.

Do please leave your ... oh you're either already going to or not, so do what you want.
(except the notion of what you want is irrelevant in a deterministic universe)


  1. Oh dear. Now you've offended all those the butterflies in the Amazon...

    1. It's all their fault. Sally. I would never have written today's post were it not for the wayward antics of one particularly flighty Amazonian swordtail ...

  2. It's either better, or worse than you think. According to Quantum Determinism, if you decide to do something then another of you in the Multiverse decides not to do it. The problem is, or is not, that there is an infinity of multiverses so half of an infinity of you will not read Lexicolatry, and that is an awful lot of you, let alone the rest of mankind. But, this will make you happy, or sad, there are as many people who read Lexicolatry x 1/2 infinity.

    You still there Eddie? - or not?

    1. I think one Eddie is still there but several other Eddies in the multiverse got bored and wandered elsewhere. I'm sorry to say that every version of me nodded off.

    2. I wasn't here, and then I came back, which was surely a mistake, as I think I might have just opened a wormhole above my left ear.

    3. Hi A.N.

      Not possible for every version of you to nod off. Half of them woke up and thought it was brilliant.

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