Friday, 17 October 2014

Dichoptic - Wide Eyes

Photo by Kevin Collins


Adjective. Late 19th century.
[Greek dikho-, from dikha two, apart + OPTIC.]

1 ENTOMOLOGY. Of the eyes: widely separated.
Of an insect: having such eyes. L19

2 Involving or pertaining to the presentation of different
(not merely stereoscopic) images in the two eyes. M20

Apparently, you can tell a lot about someone by how far apart their eyes are, though I doubt that applies in the worlds of flies and hammerheads. I like the word dichoptic, and I want to use it more often, or even once at all, but I can't for the life of me think when I'm going to have that chance.


  1. You would have got to use it if you'd met my ex-wife.

  2. Before reading Fennimore comment I was thinking that it most be something in the genes but I don't think I'll use the word, as I don't know people with that... particularity... and if I did... I had a traumatizing experience trying to enlighten people about the eyes - I was young (around 8) and a neighbor welcome a bundle of joy. Problem was the child was born with Strabismus also known as heterotropia (and if you bring this up at E and H, I will have to repeat the story because one can't be enough careful of bringing those themes up, as charming as the word for it is - it was that traumatizing and I really need your "there, there, Teresa.... you were too young to know better..." ahahah - but apparently everyone avoided the theme. But me. So I called attention to the fact and you'd thought I said the girl was daughter of... L, literally, broke. I was forbidden to play with the girl's siblings and never again they smiled at me (oh, the wonders of small towns). I got my revenge 15 years after but I'll tell what was if the conditions receives a mention by you at E or H ;).
    So beware of nice sounding adjectives XD

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