Friday, 24 April 2015

Dolce Far Niente - Sweet Doing Nothing

A painting of a young woman lounging idly by a fountain
Dolce far niente (1904) by John William Goodward


Noun. Late 18th century.
[Italian = sweet doing nothing.]

Delightful idleness.

This is a delightful noun, borrowed from Italian, and to be pronounced (if you can be bothered) with the full melody of the accent.

In keeping with the spirit of delightful idleness, that's all I'm going to say about it.

Do please leave your most unoccupied comments in the chaise-box below. 


  1. I had a little business for a while.
    I would drop boxes of sweets off at all different types of Places, Airport counters, hospital wards, offices etc...Anywho, it was in connection to raising money for Barnardos, but I had to pay royalties to a company called..... yes you guessed it, Dolce.
    Sweets were fab, Refreshers, fruit salads, jelly babies chocolate peanuts, oh, oh, my fav, milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn. Sweet!

    1. So, for a time, you were literally living the sweet life. Sweet!