Friday, 29 May 2015

Éclat - A Dazzling Definition

Dazzling brilliance. It's a metaphor. It's ... umm ... holding the sun. Very hot.
(photo by Yuval Y)


Noun & verb. Late 17th century.

A1 noun. Radiance, dazzling effect (now only figurative); brilliant display. L17

A2 noun. Ostentation, publicity; public exposure, scandal; a sensation. L17-L19

A3 noun. Social distinction; celebrity, renown. M18

A4 noun. Conspicuous success: universal acclamation.
Chiefly in with éclat, with great éclat, etc. M18

B verb trans & instrans. Make or become known or notorious. rare. M18

Today I got my first set of exam results in university. I thought that if I did the word éclat, then one of my lecturers might use the word in my feedback notes. Because ... y'know ... the universe works like that, doesn't it? Think positively and all that. But no. It doesn't. I got my exam results. Not one of my papers had the word éclat on it. Nuts.

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