Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Eejit - It's Anglo-Irish, Idiot

A tractor on its side in a trench
My guess is that eejit was uttered many a time on this day
(photo by Troy Bell)


Noun. Dialectical. (chiefly Scots & Anglo-Irish). Late 19th century.


I must admit, I'm a little bit disappointed with eejit. For a word I first heard when I came to Ireland, I was expecting some ancient Irish-Celtic-Gaelicky type root. But there's not - it's just a later variation of idiot. Like nidget and nidiot. Seriously. That's all there is to it. Yup. Off you go ...

Do please leave your most eejity comments in the idiot box below.


  1. I think 'eejit' is nicer version. If I came up to you and said 'Ed, you're an idiot', you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit offended, but if I said 'Ah Ed, ya big eejit ya', oh how we'd chuckle with much pretend punching of arms. Oh the lols.

    1. You are as correct as you are complacent, C.N. Which is to say very.