Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Einfühlung - I'm Just Not Feeling It

A German man in lederhosen
Some German bloke. And I bet he's lovely.
(photo by Miles Cave)


Noun. Early 20th century.
[German, from ein- into + Fühlung feeling.]


I'm going to word today's post very carefully. And let me start by stating that I love loanwords in English, and I love the German language (it's on my list of languages to learn before I die). That being said, however, I must admit that, were I searching for a synonym of empathy, German wouldn't be the first language I'd reach for. And neither would einfühlung. It just wouldn't. I'm sorry. I'm clearly racist.

A German woman at Oktoberfest
Ah, the Oktoberfest! Something else that's on my rather extensive bucket list.
(photo by Constant Progression)

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