Monday, 15 June 2015

Time for another rest!

Photo by Spirit-Fire

Taking Some Zzzzzzzzzz's ...

Lexicolatry (or, more accurately, me) is taking a little break for two weeks.

Lexical geekery will resume on the 29th June 2015 20th July 2015 (sorry!).

Yes, yes, I know. And I'm very sorry. Didn't someone once say that having a child is incredibly hard work, time-consuming, takes over your life and basically just ruins everything? Well if they didn't they should have, and I just said it because it's true (although they ruin everything is an incredibly wonderful way). So I'm really sorry that I haven't got back to writing Lexicolatry, and as this month I'll be returning to university, it might be a little while yet. If you really need your word fix, do please browse through the old posts, and if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Blogger's email alert system, you'll be notified when I start writing again. Thank you all again for your readership.


Twitter: @Lexicolatry


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