How can I help?

How Can You Help?

There are lots of ways to help and support Lexicolatry, so if you'd like to get involved:

  • Follow & Comment
    There are various options for subscribing to Lexicolatry, including by email, RSS and through your Gmail account. Also, I love that there is such active commenting on the posts, so please keep that up and if you haven't started commenting yet, take the plunge!

  • Join the Group
    You can join the Facebook group by clicking here and the Twitter feed by clicking here. I use Facebook to post interesting word and language-related articles from outside sources, as well as occasionally asking for help on upcoming posts. I'm rather new to Twitter, so I'm not even sure what it's for, but do come along for the ride.

  • Share, Recommend, Proclaim & Enfame!
    Please tell everyone and anyone about Lexicolatry. I have a great core of readers but I'm a greedy bugger and I always want more! There's a handy set of buttons at the bottom of each post so please share, tweet, plus and recommend the blog and its post with gay abandon.

  • Guest Posting & Contributing
    Would you like to write a guest-post for Lexicolatry? Whether you're thinking of a once-off or would like to be a regular contributor, I would like to hear from you. I also enjoy guest-posting for other sites, so if you'd like to ask me about writing for you, please contact me.

  • Feedback
    Is there something I'm not doing right? Something I could do better? A word you'd like to request? A typo or broken link? Something I haven't even thought of? I'd love to hear from you as I want to make Lexicolatry the very best it can be.

    Lastly, a very big thank you to all that read Lexicolatry and to everyone that's supported it. I love writing the posts and researching the words but, perhaps most of all, I love engaging with people from around the world that share the same trivial interests. Cheers! 



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