About me

... me, me, me ...

My name is Eddie and I'm the weirdo that reads dictionaries for fun. I was born in Limerick, Ireland, brought up in Oxfordshire, England, and now I've moved back to Ireland where I currently live and where I worked for over ten years as a fraud investigator. In 2010, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (something you can read about on my other blog Multiple Stupidness) which has obviously changed many things in my life but it also led me to blogging.

Interests other than bibliophilia include music (I play the piano and drums) and languages, specifically English, Spanish and Romanian. I also never tire of learning about different people and cultures - one of the greatest things about blogging has been virtually meeting so many interesting people from around the world and getting their unique insights and perspective.

Thank you for having a look at Lexicolatry - do please stay and have a read, and if we haven't met yet, do feel free to say hello.




  1. I love writing poetry and I feel like a weirdo for that. (isn't i before e?, oh well). Thanks for your blog and sharing your unique story.
    Robert Jones, Ecuador.

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  3. You are doing great work pour these articles Eddie :}