Lexicolatry has been graced with some wonderful contributors and guest writers. 

Katie Dwyer

Katie is a Dublin-based writer, researcher and freelance journalist from the US and author of
She's an inveterate reader, traveller and word-lover, and counts basket-weaving and flint knapping among her many skills.

Follow Katie on Twitter @kdcollegeadvice.

John Kelly

John's background is in secondary education and evaluation, and he currently works to assist college-based adults with special needs.
He writes the etymologically awesome The Mashed Radish, on which he describes a word's etymology as like "a magic little portal into a truth".
Which is rather lovely.

Follow John on Twitter @mashedradish.

Sally Prue

 Sally is an award-winning author of children's books - Cold Tom won the Branford Boase Prize and the Smarties Silver Award,
and The Truth Sayer was short-listed for the Guardian Children's Book Prize. She also writes The Word Den, a blog with the most wonderful tagline:
'ordinary-sized words are for everyone, but the big ones are especially for children.'  I couldn't agree more.

Follow Sally on Twitter @sally_prue.

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